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What we do

We are dedicated to help you cultivating your strengths, well-being, purpose, growth and resilience. We personally support you on your self-development journey to recognize your heart’s desires and to take action steps towards living your dream life with joy and love. Some people are already living their dream. Here, for example, it can be about us supporting you to continue to thrive in this found fulfillment: how do you enjoy the life you love?


Wish it. Dream it. Do it.


In addition, we are specialized in working with systems, f.i. organizations, sports clubs and associations. 

It’s our competence to foster your individuality in any life-domain! 


Is this for you?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to work on your development with us as a child, a teenager, a family, a couple, an executive or a group of co-workers. It is more important that you ask yourself the following questions before an appointment:


Where do I want to go in my life?

Am I ready to include new perspectives in my life?


How do we work?

Values like mindfulness, empathy, openness and a high quality of work are fundamental to our work. Our concept is unique and the result of two decades of close work with clients where passion and love for this work and the humans have always been central. We speak English, German and French (Fijian translation possible on request).


What do clients report us about the results of our work?

Karin Wyttenbach has been working since 1996 in this branch and in client’s feedbacks it shows over and over again the same virtues and strengts which are developed by returning clients:

Is it important for you to have a high quality of life, life satisfaction and allow yourself to flourish? Discover the secrets of a fulfilling life. Your journey with us starts here.

what others are saying after working with us:


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Appointments are offered via video conferencing tools (for example Skype) or on agreement at your home or in your office. We love to work with you and we are happy to answer your questions or arrange an appointment: Contact through our website


Do you see a service of us that will benefit a family member, friend, co-worker, superior or any other person you know? Let them know: