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Karin Wyttenbach has founded her own practice in 1996. Hence, Karin Wyttenbach has gained many years of experience in consulting international clients. Over the years she has profoundly learnt many different methods. She continuously integrated the most valuable insights in her own concept. This is how her work approach has been refined and her work has been brought to a whole new level. It is to guarantee that the concept best covers your individual needs. The actual plan and each session are all individually tailored. The collaboration is possible in English, German and French (Fijian translation on request).

  • grow with your loved ones: Additionally, Karin Wyttenbach is specialized to integrate your social environment. If you wish, she can work with your life partner or family members parallel. Many years of experience have confirmed that the development of the client is benefited if the social environment wants to improve it self too.
  • there, where you are used to live: Moreover, many years of experience of work with humans show that humans develop best in an environment in which they feel comfortable. Karin Wyttenbach exclusively offers to consult at your home or workplace. The duration depends on your individual needs. In special cases it is even possible to ask Karin Wyttenbach as a 24h Live-In consultant.

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