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In the below paragraph, individual methods will be explained which will be applied as part of the treatment concept. In each session methods will be combined to best support you.

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Coping with trauma

Anngwyn St. Just writes about Trauma and the human condition:

"Among the major consequences of trauma are dissociation, chronic pain, existential despair, and a profound sense of alienation. These broken connections represent a fragmentation in the relationship to self, to others and to the larger matrix supportive of human life. This is similar to what Martin Buber called a wound in the order of being. Within these patterns of fragmentation one can find somatically encoded emotional and behavioral stress patterns that emerge over time throughout the physical body." Traumata are not only visible in the behavior of traumatized people but they have also an impact "upon those in relationship to traumatized people, as well as the larger field of local, national and global community". (http://www.acst-international.com/g_trauma_the_human_condition.html, 24.07.16)


After having stated which impact a trauma has, more questions arise:

How does a trauma occur? What happens in human body?

Dr. Peter A. Levine has answers. If a human being is not able to cope with an external menacing situation (in which something is too much, too fast, too violent) through a fight or flight reaction, it happens that this person remains in freeze. A huge arousal is being left in the nervous system (translated from German; https://www.polarity.ch/index.php?id=020302&l=de, 25.07.16). In trauma therapy it is all about let the not regulated arousal free and bring the body back to a normal cycle of being aroused and relaxed.


Did you know that we can inherit a trauma from our ancestors?

Did you know that a trauma can hide behind illness?

Trauma oriented constellation work

Constellation work is a method to render visible  dynamics and entanglements. It is based on a systemic theory approach; that means, that people are bound together in a system and influence one another. In a family as well as in an enterprise, relationships are set in a certain order. If the order is not correct (that is destructive), this has a negative impact on the person. This mostly happens unconsciously. Entanglement with other family members or other co-workers can shape our life und influence our thinking and actions. While the traditional systemic constellation work is a method to only render visible dynamics and entanglements, the trauma oriented system constellation work of Karin Wyttenbach focuses moreover on coping with trauma. Trauma oriented systemic constellation work assumes that everybody is linked to everybody and that traumata are passed on to the next generation. In that way different symptoms (such as illnesses, feelings, thoughts) can be seen with individuals. According to studies there is a linkage between traumata and autoimmune illnesses (for ex. Aids, cancer, diabetes, rheumatism), as well as between traumata and pain syndrom as well as psychological conditions (psychosis, depression, boderline personality, addiction problems). Trauma oriented systemic constellations can be used in any life domain.


In family systems with entanglements/patterns in the domain of:

• health issues of any kind

• concentration

• career choice

• training (school, studies, apprenticeship)

• eduction

• relationship

• reproductiveness/ intimacy / sexuality/ stillbirth / abortion

• separation / divorce

• difficult contact to other family members

• negative feelings  (for ex. guilt, burst of anger)

• unemployment / unsucessfullness / homelessness

• fully live one’s own potential in the profession

• exclusion, mobbing

• heritage dispute


As well as in an enterprise with entanglement/patterns in the domain of:

• motivation loss

• high fluctuation

• high absence rates

• conflicts of all kind

• bad working ambience

• insatisfaction

• bankruptcy / debts

• reorganisation/ organisational development/ change management

• difficult behaviour of staff and management

• reputation management


Karin Wyttenbach combines all her knowledge with that of constellation work.

Classic homeopathy

Classic homeopathy is a holistic treatment which makes use of natural substances to support in case of illnesses.

Accupuncture massage

The APM according to Radloff takes advantage of the circulation of energy from our life force as is known from Chinese medicine. Afflictions and feelings of discomfort are a consequence of an imbalanced distribution of life force or  blocked flow. These will be localized and through different measures re-balanced while harmony is restored. (translated from German; http://www.radloff.ch/akupunktur-massage.html, 12.07.16)

Craniosacral Therapy

This is a soft, body orientated method. Craniosacral practitioners support the self-healing of clients with soft, manual impulses which facilitates the self-regulation of the body. Both poles of skull and sacrum form a union between the brain and the spinal cord in which brain fluids pulsate rhythmically. This rhythm spreads throughout the body and influences the development and functioning of the whole person. (translated from German; http://www.craniosuisse.ch/de/p37000002.html, 12.07.16)

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