Our Services – Overview

We work with individual sessions, workshops and presentations. We speak German, French and English (Fijian translation on request).

For individual sessions

During these sessions we will focus on your individual needs. 

For the one client it is more important to work on his/her self-determination, for another it’s about to live in a nourishing and inspiring partner relationship. For the third client it may be time to create his/her own purposeful, sustainable business. 

What ever it takes you to the point where you decide to change something in your life, we love to work with you.

For specialists

Collaborations amongst specialists are more important than ever in our digital age. Expert knowledge circulates more effectively while professional support in complex cases can be offered faster. Let’s connect. Follow us on our social media channels.

We welcome collaborations and offer workshops and presentations at your practice. We love to travel and welcome the opportunity to leave the borders of Switzerland.

For athletes

Do you challenge yourself physically? Would you like to improve your mindset and know how to regulate your emotions better in order to easier reach your goals?

We provide support for athletes to better manage stress and recovery.

For entrepreneurs

We offer different forms of support for organizations.


For your startup:

Are you opening your own business but you feel unsure how to develop an authentic strategic plan? Or is there a plan but you would like to have it checked on consistency and relevancy?


For your organizations development:

Do you already run one or several businesses and would like to solve your challenges through optimizing your processes and structures? We offer analysis from different point of views, precise tipps and tailored interventions in different forms.

For people in challenging circumstances

People need security and orientation, especially in difficult situations.


We will conceptualize a plan that fits your individual needs to provide you additional support in difficult circumstances. 


We are well networked and will connect you with relevant professionals. However, we do never replace psychologist's or medical support, we see us as an additional service.

For students

Do you attend a school and aim to improve your competences and learning skills?

Does learning stress, loss of motivation or a writer's block make your learning process heavy-going?


We will coach you and show you how to improve your learning process!

Do you see a service of us that will benefit a family member, friend, co-worker, superior or any other person you know? Let them know: